Black Stone Machine are hailing from Athens, Greece! A fantastic blend of metal, blues, country and southern rock.

BLACK STONE MACHINE was founded in 2019 by ALEX, NICK and GEORGE. Following the split of BUILDING CHAOS, ALEX and NICK decided that they wanted to form another band, merging different influences and creating something heavy. GEORGE (former guitarist of GRND_0 ,DAKRYA, HELLFIRE B.C.) and MIKE (bass CRYSTAL WINDS) joined the band soon enough. The band released their first single on 16 of June 2019 containing two songs: “Black Stone Machine” and “Bounty Hunter”.

The shows that followed their release in cities like Athens, Volos ,Larisa, Berlin were praised for their energy and the dynamic between heavy and melodic music.
In November of the same year Black Stone Machine entered Feedback Sound Studios once again and started recording their Debut Album.
It was complete in may 2020 , after the lockdown and the first signle , House of Lies , was out in june 29. The album was released in September .